City of Angels

As i lay in my Qantas sky bed totally out of place, after being lucky enough to score a long awaited free business class upgrade, i couldn’t help feel a sense of excitement run through my bones, because in less than half an hour i would be standing in Los Angeles AKA the city of angels.

Goin goin, Back back to Cali cali!

Two more days and I'm Heading off to California, the land of movie stars, beautiful women and whilst good weather quite shitty waves in the summer. The trip is the start of a 3 month leg on the grueling WQS Series, ill be keeping pretty up to date with this blog, so stay posted on what is happening with results, parties, girls, and waves.. Yeeeoooowwwww


South Aus and New Caledonia perfection! By Dean Brady

The last few weeks i've been flat out. I went to Streaky Bay South Oz with my mates Paul and Murrey Antonieff. They've got a friend who lives there and we went and spent a week with him. He's on to all the waves up and down the coast and has a four wheel drive and a ski so we could pretty much get anywhere. Some of the waves are so fun but it's that sharky you'd want a ski running the whole time you were out. I've never been so freaked out by sharks before. We surfed one bombie about a kilometre out and the waves were big and perfect.

maldive madness 12th june 2008


waking up at 10 am blurry eyed and a little dizzy from all the drugs i had been given to ease the pain from the night before i sit on the deck and watch perfect 4-6 foot waves peeling down the reef with my mates all going mad on them, The hardest thing to do is to book myself on a flight out of paradise for tonight, As Melling and the boys helped pack my bags, it was time to crack one last beer with the boys and tell a few good stories before i make my journey back home to the comfort of my own home and to get started on my shoulder rehab so i can get back to work and carry on with the job

Maldive madness 11th june 2008

Well i never thought i would say this, but today would have to have been up there with one of the most rattling days of my life. I woke to a slight rise in the swell and knew i had a heat coming up soon.

Maldives madness monday 10th june 2008


Today was a pretty cruisy day for most of us, as none of us had heats in the event till tomorrow and the waves weren’t really too epic, so we hooked up the speakers to the roof of the boat got our portable mixers out and started to DJ on the roof of the boat, it was like a small rave in the middle of the ocean, we had techno pumping and mates off other boats were coming over to our boat to go mad to some chronic beats.
it was epic.

Maldive madness Monday 9th june 2008


The whole reason for our trip to the maldives was for a 6 Star Prime WQS at a world class wave called Pasta Point, all of us vying to get some valuable points so that we can make the elusive World Championship Tour.

Maldive madness 8th June 2008

A 9:30 am flight out of brisbane normally means me having to wake up at 5 am in the morning so i don’t miss my flight. Im definitely not an early riser so leaving my warm bed in winter is no easy feat.. But as I'm driving down to the airport the only thing in the back of my mind was that i was heading to one of the most beautiful places on planet earth, the Maldives.