Famous Wax


Ironing out the creases has been what this whole operation with TWS revamping has been all about, and part of that was getting some cutting edge brands to work with and break new ground with! 

That's why i'm happy to announce that you will be able to buy all the sexy accessories that Famous Wax in Australia has to offer, all at a good price, all with free postage in Australia, Famous Wax is a killer brand that is doing all the right things by it's customers and surf stores alike, and being a part of this is something that we couldn't pass up. 

A New Era


Boys, girls, ladies, gentlemen! We are back, and by that I mean the online surfboard store that you may never even have heard of, have come from relative obscurity, and rejoined the world wide web with a website that is up to date with 2009 and not looking like something that you would produce on a commodore 64, not mentioning any names! We are ready to make your life easier when it comes to buying boards, selling boards, and sourcing sick products that aren't always easy to get! 

Portugal, Spain, the end

I arrived home the other day. I truly wanted to come home. I was over it. We were all over it. But now that I'm back, back home, back to reality, i've got the feeling that very soon ill be off again. Even if it's not overseas, ill need something. Something to brake the routine. Thats the reason we want to travel, we need to do things differently, we need to be able to go to bed at night not having any idea what is going to happen the next day. To have no plans and nothing that we are obliged to do. But now its over, we are back, and its time to reflect.


Sun. Surf. Girls. Nudity. Beer. Thats all there really is to describe Hossegor, not bad in my books, not bad in yours. Hossegor was also the place where the infamous FRANKIE would joining us. The south of France and Hossegor in particular is mine and most of the boys favourite place on this entire leg. It has the funnest surf, the warmest water and the hottest girls. Not to mention the contest site with free beer, or the free Goons of Doom concert, its just completely free FUN.

Lacanau and Boyz Noize

Ok its been a while since the last post, the reason being one part laziness, one part travel time and two parts shitty internet connections... and alot has happen since then. First up, Lacanau and the magnificent BOYS NOIZE and BUSY P.

Land of the Rising Sun

Today is my last night in japan, been here for about a week, but haven’t had enough internet access to write in the Blog much so here is a quick rundown of the trip. 

Bit of a bender!

Well its been a few days since i have written anything, and today i have a chance to as i'm sitting in my room hungover after a three day bender. After all our exits from the event we decided to take advantage of Americas crazy night life and go a little bit crazy..A bunch of good times were had and tomorrow we are off to Japan for the next part of the leg, hopefully to detox also.. yeww


Holga's are really cool

This morning we woke early to get down and watch spenny (Michael Spencer) surf, the waves were really difficult and hard to surf, spence got a really good wave and smashed a couple of backhand blasts, but fell victim to lack of a second wave and lost.

Few waves... but still shitty

California in the summer is by no means known for good waves. the waves normally come from the south in lines as straight as a die and just close out, we tried having a little surf in the 3 foot closeouts but it didn’t really give us a chance to unleash anything to spectacular.. It was still cool to check out the U.S open contest site and get a feel for the waves we were going to have to put up with in our heats.

City of Angels

As i lay in my Qantas sky bed totally out of place, after being lucky enough to score a long awaited free business class upgrade, i couldn’t help feel a sense of excitement run through my bones, because in less than half an hour i would be standing in Los Angeles AKA the city of angels.