Had i have been shown this board ten years ago, i would have thought, this mob will be flat out selling any of these boards! Jump on to 2014 & this is one of the most popular crafts i can remember. Everyone seems to either have a Hypto or know someone that does. How can i personally describe this board? Heaps of fun to begin with, i am not one for knowing bucket loads about boards or confusing my self to much either so il stick with the basics.


I have to say, last night, after seeing yet another surf publication, claim another, watch this clip, this guy is the world's best at the moment call, i thought ok, is this a repetitive , bad attempt at getting readers, or in this day n age, clicks. Now i can't claim to have writing skills like the surf journo's & i am positive i have a lot worse grammar, but that is my point, these guys should be a bit more creative. Big calls with an arguable amount of weight behind them are very see through very quickly.

Julian Wilson Straight Ripping

Julian Wilson & the year 2014 is probably something he would like to forget. Competitively anyway. There is still one contest to go & obviously the Triple Crown, so there is a chance to salvage something on the contest scene & as a fellow Sunny Coaster, i want to see the man fire up & have some luck go his way. I am pretty sure i watched him take care of Gabriel Medina in the Prime event in Brazil last night round 4 which would have been a little confident boost for him.

Shane Herring Journey on Brother

The sport of surfing as we know it is a great one. The sport is gaining a massive following worldwide in the more recent years & a new found level of professionalism , I noticed whilst watching the Asp World Juniors last night that there was only a handful of Aussies in round 3 a few Americans plenty of Europeans & Brazilians & a field that resembled (country wise) more of a Formula one Grand Prix line up than a surf comp that we are used to. But in all honesty, that is a story for another day.

Gabriel, Kelly, Mick into pipe.

What a crazy few events it has been. John John Florence has made everyone forget his average start to the year by pretty much demolishing everyone in his path since Trestles. Except maybe Jordy Smith, who has had him twice in 2 goes, once in the Trestles final & now in the Semis at Portugal. Because of the semi finish for John, his world title race is over, but as Mick has said about himself, his world title years have all started half way through the year before. Perhaps this is what John is doing?

Ben Mondy

I have to say that it was a breath of fresh air to watch Jeremy Flores calmly dismantle surf journalist Ben Mondy in a post heat interview at the Cascais Billabong Pro last week. After a heat win in what has been a bit of an average year for the European surf star he spoke to post heat interviewer , Ben Mondy who had recently been writing some negative things about Flores.


Possibly the most highly anticipated board for this Christmas period in oz, the Lost sub Buggy is the latest model from Mayhem man Matt Biolis. We have had people asking about this board for weeks now & we wanted to give you an insight to when you might expect to see the Sub Buggy, ready for sale on TWS.

Chilli Spawn

The first Surfboard model that Chilli has developed with a team rider! This one was developed with surfing star Mitch Coleborn. Another in between model, with the contest surfer that still needs a little more volume & a friendly outline, but not the fishy board which can hinder speed, critical surfing & in turn points.

2013 SURFER Poll - Men's #5, Dane Reynolds

I write this as i feel that my blogging has become a little bit stale over recent times. I'm not sure what it is, the sale of our products has gotten busier & certainly takes precedence over the writing, but i feel it is important to show who we are & what we're about. Coupled with that it was something i always enjoyed, long before people even knew how to find us.

Lost V3 Rocket

It's crazy that we are up to the third generation Rocket. What is equally is crazy is that the boards in the rocket family, keep getting better, arguably. The Lost V3 Rocket is probably the most sensible of the three rockets. With a tighter, pulled in tail & a little less volume through the nose, this board , despite it's hybrid look, can surf extremely like a regular short board!