We have all heard about this one, the world famous Lost Rocket. I still think that this is quite possibly the most popular board model of all time! Big call i know but as an agent for this boards resurgence in 2009 i was gob smacked by the response & widespread froth that this model created.

Hey guys & girls, thought i would start trying to review some of our boards, that i have ridden & think might be a good change up to what you maybe normally ride, as what i have found with my experimentation is that boards aren't always what they sometimes seem, look or feel!

Have posted a little vid here of the round 16 heats of the Nike Trestles pro held earlier this year, John John n co shredding! The reason being is that the CT at Trestles maybe starting our time in the morning & its all just a little bit exciting! Will Mick keep the run happening or will Parko get one back, Slater may be back to his best or one of the young guns might take the field to pieces, whatever happens its gonna be worth the watch, fasten your seatbelts!

Got to say a big congratulations to Mick Fanning after he won his first Billabong Teahupoo pro title last week in Tahiti. In what is becoming a great, healthy rivalry, Mick surfed against Joel Parkinson in the final & took the honours for his second win of the year, Joel looked to have it sorted early, but Mick, with the determination & coolness under pressure he has displayed so many times before in his career was able to come back for the win.

Brett Warner

A big name in the world of shaping & just the surfing world in general, Brett Warner is a man who needs no introduction. His label Warner surfboards based in Sydney is popular world over & with good reason, a pro surfer in his day, Brett who has had his boards online with us since early this year has done an interview with us to talk about his life on tour, his son following in his footsteps & his thoughts on what it takes to be a good shaper & even where he thinks shaping is heading. For all those questions answered plus a few more read on & see for yourself!

If you haven't had a chance to check out any of the videos for the Kustom Airstrike Make sure you go check out the previous ones, but here is the final one of the series before the winner is announced.
Our money is on John John!! Some of the stuff these kids are doing these days is getting kid of outta hand!

A passionate guy and revolutionary shaper, tradewind surf has bought you an interview for arguably the most popular name in shaping Matt Biolos. With someone having a reputation like his you would think it might be easy to brush off a hands on online store like TWS for an interview, but when i asked the big guy, he jumped at the chance.

J Dub U.S Open Winner

Sunny Coasts own Julian Wilson has taken out the U.S Open This morning our time, Against Miguel Pupo from Brazil! In a fairly high Scoring final, Julian Led from the start & bought it home for his maiden major win this year. I was starting to wonder just recently when we would see Julian back in the winners circle. We here at TWS are stoked for J dub who hopefully will carry this momentum into the rest of they Year on the World Tour, where he is yet to have a win but has filled every other position.

Cut Snake Drais dayclub

If you are in Hollywood this weekend, or near there for the US open, check out this after party at Drai's at the W hotel rooftop.
Paul Fisher & Leigh Sedley (Cut snake) will be holding down the decks poolside. Gonna be pretty nutso!!


Hive Swimwear

Tradewindsurf is proud to announce that we will now be working with Hive Swimwear as the new sponsor for our ever popular girl of the month competition. After around a year off the competition we are looking forward to Working with Hive & get the ball rolling again!