Check this video of sharks feeding on a dead whale right on the beach! The Sharks almost beach themselves as they devour on the dead Whale. Some are tiger sharks and some are reef sharks.

The Sth East Queensland coastline is dotted with an array of surfing breaks.

From Agnes Waters to Snapper Rocks, we are pretty much spoiled for choice , with reef, sand , right and left hand point breaks, and even an island to get our froth on.

However, our coastline also has alot of river systems that empty their way out into the pacific ocean, and when mixed with the right amount of sand and a good swell, they come alive with some of the best waves Queensland can offer..

Gary Elkerton talks about his winning boards at Pipe and Sunset..

Interesting enough Gary mentions how the Hawaii Triple Crown now only has one WCT event and Kelly Slater has never won an event at Sunset..

Spinksy's Question :-

What are your thoughts on having the ASP conduct 3 WCT events in Hawaii and determine a Triple Crown winner ?

Video courtesy of TRACKS..

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Join the team for ten days on our Qigong for Surfers camp and revitalize your surfing and your health and discover how forty-eight year old 2x Triple Crown winner Gary Kong Elkerton still rips like he did when he was twenty-five and why current ASP surfer Bede Durbidge practices Qigong every day to maximize his competition potential.

Kelly Slater the reigning world champ put his stamp on this years 2012 WCT title race by claiming the first Volcom Fiji Pro held in pumping waves at Cloud Break.

Kelly showed no mercy to the waves or his competitors,  showcasing why he has now  49 WCT events to his name.

Fisher and I have been working on a bunch of new tunes lately, here is a remix we did to a Nick Curly track called underground. You can download it for free along with the mix. The mix Also contains a bunch of our own tracks.
Get into it!

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For Mitch Coleborn Yesterdays round one heat of his Maiden WCT at Tavarua in Fiji was a fairy tale to say the least. In Throaty 6-8 foot perfect pits, the flashy goofy footer who has helped re-create the finner in recent years has shown that he is no slouch in the pit either!

Mitch, up against Kelly Slater & Kai Otton started Slowly with a two point ride early on then midway through the heat opened up his scorers with a big chunky left pit that landed him a 9.27 to go with his 2.0 he was still in third place after kelly & kai both had scores in the 6-8 range.

As you may have already heard, surfing sensation Mitch Coleborn has been given the wildcard to compete in the Volcom Pro Fiji. Perfect left handers for arguably the worlds most dynamic goofy footer this wildcard is seemingly a no brainer.

GIRLS! What else do i have to say.
We all love em so here is a clip full of em.
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