2012 NIKE US OPEN REVIEW By Shea Lopez

If you find yourself within a mile of the Huntington Beach Pier in the next week you’ll bear witness to hundreds of thousands of scantily clad youth at surfing’s spectacle of the year. Festivities carry on throughout the day, but it’s after the last autographs have been signed that the real trouble begins. For some, this is easy to avoid. Fine southern gentlemen, like the Hobgoods, have gained an advantage in many early-morning heats here, fresh off eight perfect hours of sleep.

Sedz nails result at Quiksilver event in Acapulco!

Sedz back on the podium

A big congratulations needs to go to tradewindsurf partner Leigh Sedley after he is back in the winners circle following this mornings final of the Quiksilver pro in Acapulco, Sedz looked good all week & only missed out on winning the comp by one spot falling just short to Hawaii's Tanner Hendrickson.

The Double - Up Tour

Volcom / Fiji Freight Trains

Last year when the Code Red swell was forecast for the Billabong Pro Teahupoo, the best big-wave surfers arrived en masse and charged one of the biggest days of the year. It was a spectacle, and Billabong capitalized on the situation by keeping the cameras rolling, and subsequently marketing the footage.

Wave Pools..The Future of Surfing ?

Webber Wave Pools has recently introduced a new wave pool design to the world of surf parks and artificial wave technology. Their latest design is a crescent shaped wave pool that is capable of producing world class waves at a fraction of the cost of the full size circular wave pools.

 The quality of the waves will be the same as any of the other Webber Wave Pool designs and will provide surfers with rides lasting up to 30 seconds. This length of ride is comparable to the maximum ride length of Wavegarden’s pool designs.

Occy's Resurgance

Mark Occhilupo's Back Making ASP Moves

Mark "Occy" Occhilupo  a former ASP World Champion,and who just recently celebrated his 46th birthday   has returned to the ASP World Qualifying Series Competition and has his eyes set on this years Vans Triple Crown of Surfing .

Showing top form and reaching the semi finals at the Telstra Drug Aware Pro in Margaret River WA, Occy showed why he's still a force to reckon with, and possibly gaining some personal satisfaction knowing that maybe a possible shot at another World Title run could be on the cards if he qualifies for the 2013 WCT.



Hungry sharks feed off whale in Australia

Sharks attack whale

Check this video of sharks feeding on a dead whale right on the beach! The Sharks almost beach themselves as they devour on the dead Whale. Some are tiger sharks and some are reef sharks.

Sunshine Coast River Mouth ..Pumping !!!

The Sth East Queensland coastline is dotted with an array of surfing breaks.

From Agnes Waters to Snapper Rocks, we are pretty much spoiled for choice , with reef, sand , right and left hand point breaks, and even an island to get our froth on.

However, our coastline also has alot of river systems that empty their way out into the pacific ocean, and when mixed with the right amount of sand and a good swell, they come alive with some of the best waves Queensland can offer..

Gary 'Kong' Elkerton - Hawaiian Quiver - Triple Crown


Gary Elkerton talks about his winning boards at Pipe and Sunset..

Interesting enough Gary mentions how the Hawaii Triple Crown now only has one WCT event and Kelly Slater has never won an event at Sunset..

Spinksy's Question :-

What are your thoughts on having the ASP conduct 3 WCT events in Hawaii and determine a Triple Crown winner ?

Video courtesy of TRACKS..

Waxy Wax - Glue For Your Stick

HOLLYWOOD TuffAct big wave surf by Waxy Wax

Waxy Wax USA has newly appointed 'Tandem Surf & Sport (Australia)' as their Authorized Distributor for Australia.

Waxy is a High Performance Surf Wax and available in white , black and lots of neon colors including orange, yellow , pink , blue , green , purple.

New Product - Waxy Glue ( Xtra Sticky Performance Surfwax, All Water Temp )

Waxy Wax Available in Base Coat, Cold , Cool , Warm and Tropical Temperature.

Hollywood Tuff-Act Skate Wax... Available Now.

Qigong For Surfers with Gary 'Kong' Elkerton

Are you surfing the way you want to be, or is there room for change and improvement?

Do you want to positively transform your surfing and your health and have a great time doing it?

Join the team for ten days on our Qigong for Surfers camp and revitalize your surfing and your health and discover how forty-eight year old 2x Triple Crown winner Gary Kong Elkerton still rips like he did when he was twenty-five and why current ASP surfer Bede Durbidge practices Qigong every day to maximize his competition potential.