Stuart Retro Fish

Stuart Retro Fish
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The Stuart Retro fish is basically what the title suggests. A Retro - fish, made with small waves in mind, this board is great for anyone who is trying to stay keen while the waves are not so great, a wide plane surface, a big swallow tail & a relatively flat bottom this board is a simple design, which is guaranteed to excite any surfer weathering the small waves blues.

The waves year round in oz for most places are fickle, this board is the answer for beachbreaks in sydney & perth to mushy waves as far north as the Sunny Coast & central Queensland. Ride this board 2 - 6 inches shorter than your regular shortboard depending on how adventurous you are. Enjoy cruising through flat sections & not being as rattled when the swell drops. The limited board sizes are only a guide, feel free to check out other sizing options for a custom make of this model. The Retro Fish comes clear with logos, if you would like to get the spray pictured or something else, please let us know so we can sort for you. 


5'10 x 20 x 2 1/2

6'0 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2

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