NSP Funboard E-2

NSP Funboard E-2
$575 AUD

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The NSP E-2 Funboard will give you a heap of, you guessed it, fun! This one is made for ease of use & hours of good times down at your local beach, or any beach for that matter. Inspired by traditional Longboards with plenty of volume in the nose, a mellow rocker & a friendly outline, that is great for a variety of conditions. 

There is a little kick in the rocker so you can take off on steeper waves with out nose diving & a vee bottom contour built for speed, while the friendly boxy rail means you have forgiveness from the board. The NSP E-2 Funboard is an epoxy technology, durable & built to last, with a good price to match & don't for get the free tailpad , fins & leash as standard! 

NSP E2 Funboard Sizes - 

6'8'' 21'' 2 7/8''        45 L      FCS 

7'2'' 21'' 2 3/4''        46  L     FCS 

7'6'' 21 3/4 ''2 7/8''  51 L     FCS 

7'10''22 1/16''3 1/16'' 57 L  FCS 





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