Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer Picks Portugal

World Surf League 2017 - WSL - Peniche, Portugal

First up, if you got the email about the Portugal contest & it had the France picks in there, very sorry about that! Have a new system which i'm learning & whilst it is going to be better in the long run I am not the most tech savvy user haha! Now, on to the picks, the first tier I have Julian Wilson, what a win in France & putting him back in the conversation, our last Aussie hope for 2018. My second pick is Gabriel Medina if it gets solid & perfect in Portugal expect Gabby to be getting spat out of a few when it matters. 

WSL Tradewind Surf Portugal Fantasy Picks

Highlights: Day 4 in Portugal

The second last contest of the season & we are getting super close to giving away the boards! Coming into Portugal, I had a better run in France almost making the top 20 but not quite there yet. My picks this contest are a bit of a mixed bag, I have stayed around a certain crew all year & while up the top, John John Florence & Medina is consistent with my picks this year, the rest of the field maybe not so much. 

Jeremy Flores puts the pants back on the surfer

Ben Mondy

I have to say that it was a breath of fresh air to watch Jeremy Flores calmly dismantle surf journalist Ben Mondy in a post heat interview at the Cascais Billabong Pro last week. After a heat win in what has been a bit of an average year for the European surf star he spoke to post heat interviewer , Ben Mondy who had recently been writing some negative things about Flores.

Azores islands


Its always cool going somewhere new. and the Azores was no exception. Out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores archipelago consists of 9 islands. São Miguel being the largest and the main island. The island was a lot bigger than i expected, it takes about 2 hours to drive from one end to the other, with all sorts of crazy coastline surrounding the island, São Miguel is supposed to have the best waves of all the islands, but even with 4-6 foot of swell while we were there we couldn't seem to find much except for a few bumpy beach breaks.