William Painter The Level Review January 17, 2020

If you have followed any of my previous posts regarding William Painter Sunglasses, you would know that the first pair I wore & loved were The Hook model. The Level is my next favourite pair, they are a casual style but with the same quality you expect from William Painter with the Aero Grade Titanium lenses, find out more on our William Painter The Level Review.

The one thing The Level does not have that the Hook does is the bottle opener. There is some people though & I am definitely not one of them, that would prefer there frames with put a bottle opener, which makes The Level a good choice, you can check them out online here.

William Painter Level Blue lens

The pair above is The William Painter Level with the blue lens, they also come in black lens & also orange. The newest addition to The Level range is the gold. The two best things about The Level & William Painter in general is the quality & they style. They are the most durable sunglasses I have ever seen in all my years of retail & by a long way to. Right up to the fact that we actually stopped stocking other brands of Sunglasses because William Painter were too far ahead of the game. Pretty impressive for a startup out of San Diego, with a couple of guys who had a vision to build the best Sunglasses possible

William Painter The Level

I would recommend The Level as probably the best pair of sunglasses you’re ever going to own. Definitely the strongest & definitely the pair with the best lifetime warranty & the 100 day trial of them is good as it gets too. If you want to hear more about these sunglasses from someone who has been selling them & wearing them since William Painter opened up shop, then get in contact. I would be happy to help you with the best pair of sunnies on earth!