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Torq Surfboards review

Torq Surfboards Review –  A Torq Surfboards review is something that I have wanted to do for a while now! For a few reasons. The boards are great, but there is a diverse range of riders that the Torq range covers. Many moons ago Terry Fitzgerald who was part of starting Torq Surfboards & had the Australian license. He called me looking for a QLD agent to help him push the product up here.  …

Cheap Surfboards best brands 2020

Want to get cheap surfboards off the best brands in 2020 ? For years I have owned & ran Tradewind Surf. An online surf store created to link up every surfer in Australia with the best surfboards in the world. Over the years, I have built up countless relationships with surfers who are looking to get the right board for them. From the best softboards on the market, to all types of longboards, through to…

William Painter Sunglasses in Australia

William Painter Sunglasses are available in Australia! That is right, we have all styles available for the price of $259 for most styles & $289 for gold styles. The best sunglasses on earth are available to you in oz without any hassle. If your not familiar with them then how about we give you a little run down on why they are so good! Based around timeless styles, your going to have no problem finding…