Rusty Surfboards

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  • Rusty Dozer SurftechRusty Dozer Surftech

    Rusty Dozer Surftech

    , , $885
  • Rusty Happy Shovel FrontRusty Happy Shovel Side

    Rusty Happy Shovel

    , $885
  • Rusty Magic Door FrontRusty Magic Door Side

    Rusty Magic Door

    , $799
  • Rusty Magic Thumb FrontRusty Magic Thumb Side

    Rusty Magic Thumb

    , $799
  • Rusty Revolving Door FrontRusty Revolving Door Side

    Rusty Revolving Door

    , $799
  • Rusty Yes Thanks Surftech

    Rusty Yes Thanks Surftech

    , $995

Rusty is one of the worlds leading surfboard & clothing labels. Founded in 1985 by Rusty Preisendorfer, who shaped for guys like Occy & CJ Hobgood, who both won world titles. These days you can see guys like Josh Kerr & Noa Deane riding Rusty, in contests & video sections all over the world, these boards have been tested & proven in waves & conditions all over the planet.