Chilli Surfboards

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Chilli Surfboards have been making a great name for themselves on the Northern Beaches of NSW since 1995 when head shaper James Cheal shaped his first board at age 22. Apparently that first one went like crazy but the next lot were not so forgiving.

The long road of a shaping career ensued & Chilli as he has become known , never looked back. Nowadays he has surfers like Mitch Coleborn riding his boards full time among a host of other travelling pro’s such as Tiago Pires & Laura Enever.

He is available in most surfing countries & his latest swag of models is becoming increasingly popular here at Tradewind Surf. For years World Tour surfers have been getting Chillis for the Australian leg of the tour or at any given time. Come & see whether the Toucan, or the Rare Bird is for you or why not try Chillis first ever pro model the Spawn made with Mitch Coleborn is what you need to be on.