Who are Tradewind Surf

TWS The Vision

www.tradewindsurf.com.au an online surf hardware store. Are you a surfer that likes to be in control of your decisions, seeing what’s out there in your own time, without being hassled, in turn making the right decision, only calling on help when you feel it is needed? Perhaps you would like to hear from the shaper direct about the boards or see a team rider take your desired model for a shred? Maybe you just like to custom order a board from the comfort of your own home with the influence only of your knowledge, after all you are the surfer. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea then tradewindsurf.com.au is the surfing haven for you.

We are a small organization, we aren’t driven by money, sure you need money to live, but if we were driven by money we wouldn’t be selling surfboards! Lifestyle is what gets us up in the morning, the fact that we can bring surfboards and all the trimmings, to people all over this wave rich country of ours. we believed long before the .com boom in the surf industry that there was another way to sell surfboards and to utilize the technology that has been developed to make the experience more real and information rich than ever before. We here love to surf, so obviously we love to talk about it, with you!

We are a team of surfing tragics, we surf, we sell surfboards & surf gear, we love it & we are dedicated to show each and every surfer out there that ordering online is not a crime, but a way of the future, that doesn’t just mean click a few buttons and get what your given without talking to anyone. Quite the opposite, the experience can be as interactive or private as you like. We have been in the industry long before the inception of tradewindsurf.com.au and if you want you can even have advice of ex top 50 surfer Leigh Sedley. With lots of stock ready to ship videos of the board models being surfed as well as talked about the experience is real, non intrusive and as flexible as you like. Try us out & see why we have already been here for 5 years, like Jake Donlen from Runamuk Visuals said, ‘It’s surfers working to help surfers not suits working to help suits’ Thanks Jake couldn’t of said it better myself mate!