DHD - Darren Handley Designs

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Darren Handley has been making world class boards since i was knee high to a grasshopper. The difference these days however is that DH now has the best in the world on his boards. Mick Fanning has become part of a select group of surfers who can lay claim to 3 world titles. He did this all aboard Darren Handley Designs. A great relationship & attention to detail are two of the things that make Mick & Darren so successful. It doesn’t stop with Mick though, 5 time women’s world champion Stephanie Gilmore has also ridden Darren’s boards to victory in all of her world titles showing that gender isn’t an issue when creating the right board & the perfect formula between shaper & surfer. It’s the passion that sets Darren apart he is still a very hands on shaper at nearly 50 years old, but still very much at the forefront of design & the complete manufacturer. Darren is a Gold Coast local & has had a board under the arm of most grommets at one time or another. His latest protege is Kyuss King & by all reports it looks like Darren has another star in the making. Check out the models on the Tradewind Surf store & see what you come up with there is a surfboard in there for everyone. If you haven’t had a DHD in the quiver, then now is the time.