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Thomas Meyerhoffer is recognized as one of the most innovative designers working today. An early member of a new generation of shapers pushing the boundaries of surfboard design, Meyerhoffer was first discovered by The Surfers Journal in 2007. With his radical new design, Meyerhoffer completely redesigned the longboard to enhance the overall surfing experience: getting into waves, performing on the wave – experiencing the wave to the fullest. Recognized with 5 international design awards in 2011, his innovative approach to surfboards has now evolved into a full line of advanced surf craft with a worldwide following of open-minded surfers.

Located on the wave rich coast of San Francisco, Meyerhoffer’s goal is to create forward thinking surf experiences by pushing creativity, innovation and individuality in surfing and the life that borders. What started out as passion has become its own path. He aim to bring real performance to real surfers by creating new designs that move our experience forward as surfers. Surf Forward.