Tradewindsurf  online surf store 

Terms of use – 

When ordering a board off any of shapers, the steps are the same.  We will contact you after your order to confirm your request.

Payment will be requested in advance as an agreement between, the shapers and the buyer.

Once payment has been confirmed, your board, if in stock will be shipped. if the board says in stock on the store but is not we will be in contact to confirm whether you would like the board to be shaped, whether you would prefer something similar in stock, or in extreme cases where an agreement cannot be reached you will be offered a refund. is happy to help and assist to the best of our knowledge with issues such as board dimensions etc.  While can offer you advice about your board, any board you order is at your own risk. does not hold itself liable for issues with your board, however we will work as hard as we can to assure that if something is wrong we will do everything in our power to fix it.

By contacting us or purchasing with us you may agree to receive promotional mail from us in our email and text programs, just let us know if you receive these emails and would like us to stop sending them to you and you will be taken off our mailing list.

Our store products are available for our customers to buy and shipping is free most times, in some places freight may not be free in which case we will contact you and see if you are able to pay a subsidised rate or whether you would like a refund. Damaged accessories, are refundable or able to be changed over, if you have chosen the wrong thing, we will do our best to come to a conclusion with you which makes all parties happy. We want our customers to have a good experience & are happy to go above & beyond to resolve issues, but customer error can not always be helped. Rest assured however, that if you, the customer is reasonable, then Tradewind Surf will be too.

We use shipping companies that give us a good price and we have the least trouble with, if something does happen then we are happy to chase it up for you, however we can’t be held entirely responsible, as much as we will endeavour to solve the problem, sometimes they can become out of our hands. Between the manufacturer, Tradewind Surf & the shipping company, normally a solution can be reached, the freight company insurance is there but not something we advertise as it can be fickle. We know this & have strategies in place for when things go wrong. Incidence however, is very low though.

Surfboards come clear with logos unless organised by the customer to have a spray done whatever difficulty for an extra charge. Some surfboard images have colour or sprays on the board to give an idea of what we can organise & also to break up the monotony of hundreds of white surfboard images. This does not mean the board comes with this spray, it MUST be organised, we can not be held responsible for customers assuming this is how the board comes. The only surfboard images that come with there colour, are anything from Global Surf Industries & these can be hard to keep up with so if the spray is different to the color you have ordered online we will let you know & make sure you are still happy with the purchase. In the event of a mix up with sprays being assumed, we will help as best we can, but we can’t be expected to take the board back.

Rental Disclaimer –

The Customer acknowledges that in connection with the Goods and its use, it is solely responsible for obtaining all advice or information necessary for the safety of and the safe use of the Goods. The Customer assumes all risks and liabilities in respect of the Goods and for injuries to and death of persons and damage to property arising from the possession use or storage of the Goods.

Tradewind Surf Surfboard Hire Sunshine Coast will not be responsible for damage to person or property caused from the use or misuse of Goods. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Customer indemnifies Tradewind Surf Surfboard Hire from any loss of or damage to the goods, and any loss, damage, claim, expense, damage, cost or proceeding which may arise as a result, directly or indirectly, arising from the Customers possession, use and storage of the Goods.


Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer –  

Our Fantasy Surfer competition is a competition run for fun & at no charge to the customers of ours. We are doing our best to honour all prizes etc but contacting us after you win is a must as we are not responsible for chasing you up after a win.

Our Fantasy Surfer competition is for the mens draw only. The women’s draw has not been involved this year. If a win is not claimed by the start of the following competition then the prize may be void. Prizes can not be sent anywhere outside of Australia. So if you do plan to play from overseas, please have an Australian address we can send the prize too. Good Luck!

Payment Options –

We use PayPal as our payment gateway which accepts credit cards or other PayPal accounts. You can also do a direct bank transfer, details are at the checkout or you can contact us for more info.

Returns Policy –

When you order with Tradewind Surf it is our duty to make sure you get what you have ordered. In the incidence of the wrong accessory arriving, e.g, boardbag, tailpad, legrope, or any of our accessories across the store, we will swap the product over for the right item or a refund will be offered.

If your product is faulty, then we will swap it over for something with no damage or fault or a refund will be offered.

If you order something & decide when you get it that you don’t like it, then the responsibility can’t be completely ours. If we are able to help with exchanging for another product then we will do so with the shipping of all products being at the expense of the customer.

If your surfboard is the wrong dimensions or size then this is cause to change the board over unless another agreement can be reached. As spoken about in the terms above with surfboards, each purchase is case driven & dealt with in a hands on, personal, unique manner. We will come up with the best solution for everyone & involve all parties necessary, e.g, Surfboard Manufactures, Freight Company. Damaged surfboards has been thoroughly covered above in the term section.

Finally, Tradewind Surf is here to help you, we want to leave our customers with a good experience & we always do, if you are reasonable in working with us then we will go above & beyond to get a good result for you.

Items on back order – 

If an item is available on back order, then it is important to check with us, when the back order is arriving, the reason for this is that if the time frame is too long for you then it is best not to order as there is now a fee with the payment gateways when an order is refunded. PayPal 3% Stripe 2% zipPay 5% bank transfer no fee. Tradewind Surf is not liable for carrying the refund fee if you have purchased a back ordered item. So your refund is the amount you paid minus the % of the gateway that was used.

Items out of stock –  

Same as items on back order we cannot carry the refund fee if something is ordered out of stock. PayPal 3% Stripe 2% zipPay 5% bank transfer no fee. Tradewind Surf is not liable for carrying the refund fee if you have purchased a back ordered item. So your refund is the amount you paid minus the % of the gateway that was used.

Domestic Shipping –

Orders that are in stock are shipped the same or next business day. Shipping is free in mainland Australia & Tasmania. Customers outside of the cities or in regional areas should allow extra time for your order to arrive.

Signature required on delivery –

Most of our parcels shipped require a signature on delivery. The only time this is not the case is when you agree to an Authority to Leave, meaning you advise us on a place where the parcel can be left & the courier leaves it in that spot. This is at your own risk. Please note – When Ocean & Earth ship something for us straight to the customer, if no one is home then they have an automatic authority to leave, with your parcel unless otherwise organised with us at Tradewind Surf. Please contact us if you are needing to give a signature on delivery.

Insurance – 

We cannot be held responsible for items that have gone missing or get damaged, however, the incidence of this is extremely low & some of our shipping companies do offer an insurance policy, in the event that there is no insurance, we would look to help wherever we can to try & cover as much of the loss/cost involved with the customer.

Privacy Policy –  

All information collected at Tradewind Surf is used only by us to contact you regarding products, helpful info & competition prizes etc. We strictly never share or sell your info to any third parties

Website Security – 

The Tradewind Surf website/store is secured with the latest SSL Certificate & is frequently updated with the latest security & safety updates. To protect the customer, us & the customers information.

Any questions about any of this please call Willow on 0488 775 483 or go to the contact form on the website.