Pyzel Surfboards

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If John John Florence is riding Pyzel Boards, then Tradewind Surf wants to sell them & now we are! Relatively new to Australia Pyzel surfboards are popping up under the arms of surfers all over the place from frothing grommets, to weekend warriors not too mention some of the worlds best.

Head shaper Jon Pyzel, hails from Santa Barbara California know for its right hand points & surf nostalgia. He was shaped boards by Matt Moore & after becoming a travelling surfer, he realised that he needed, great waves & warm water all year round. To set himself up in Oahu was the wise choice. A ding fixer to begin with, he then moved to Glassing & made his first board nearly 20 years ago in 1995.

He was properly shown the ropes by Jeff Bushman & he has shaped boards for a living ever since. Being lucky enough to surround himself with world class surfers including rider John John Florence has helped him lead the way in surfboard design. He still resides in Hawaii today & his boards are now available in oz through us here at Tradewind Surf.