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  • Famous F2 ModelFamous F2 Model

    Famous F2 Model

    , $55
  • Famous Figueroa TailpadFamous Figueroa Tailpad

    Famous Figueroa Tailpad

    , $55
  • Famous Hampton Chris Friend ModelFamous Hampton Chris Friend Model

    Famous Hampton Chris Friend Model

    , $55
  • Famous Killian Garland ModelFamous Killian Garland Model

    Famous Killian Garland Model

    , $55

Famous Surf is a brand born in Southern California aimed at producing the best surf hardware, to go on & around your surfboard. With team riders from the beginning such as Timmy & Nathaniel Curran. Famous has eveolved to go under the feet of world class team riders worldwide. A premium brand that has a stylish Californian feel but remains relevant with the competition. Famous is a brand we are proud to sell here at Tradewind Surf.

Team Riders –

Timmy Curran

Nathaniel Curran

Kekoa Bacalso

Perth Standlick

James Wood