Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer Picks Bells Beach

Men's Final Day Highlights | 2017 Rip Curl Pro - Bells Beach

Here we are ready for the Bells stop of the 2018 WSL tour! Congrats to Antone Nulley from Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast who took out the first round at Snapper. Probably should mention the other person from Coolum Beach, Julian Wilson who actually won the contest, was so good to see the Sunny Coasters smash it down there. 

Straight into the picks & due to the nature of snapper it feels like we can pick top seeds the whole way through the draw. In the top tier it is definitely Julian Wilson, off to his best start to a season & whilst it was tempting to pick Griffin Colapinto after he smashed Snapper to pieces I have gone with Owen Wright, I watched a little snippet of him at last years contest & had to put him in straight away. 

Middle tier & sadly this is the last time any of us can pick Mick Fanning in Fantasy Surfer again. Definitely hoping for a big result for Mick here, but even if he doesn't it would be unaustralian not to pick Mick! I have given Parko a run also for obvious Bells reasons, Jordy Smith is in there after a win last year & also John John Florence. See how its reading like a super team & the last tier is yet to come. 

For the final two surfers, we have a previous winner & finalist, in Caio Ibelli who finaled last year against Jordy Smith & last but definitely not least is former winner Matt Wilkinson. Any one of these picks could win & I am psyched on this team. I ended up at 23rd after Snapper, was down in the 50's for most of last year so this could be a sign of things to come haha! Good Luck Everyone.