Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer Picks Jeffreys Bay

Day 4 Highlights - Corona Open J-Bay 2017

Getting into the second of the year now & looking forward to Jbay starting. To get straight into the picks for my top tier I have picked Julian Wilson, Im hoping this is his year with no John to worry about & him sitting on top of the ratings. My second pick is Gabriel Medina, there was so many to choose from but I feel like he is ready for another run at the title in this second half of the year! 


Middle tier & I have Conner Coffin for obvious reasons. Ace Buchan could blast a few off his backhand & get some points in South Africa, Also wonder kid Griffin Colapinto & Kolohe Andino made my list. The bottom tier picks are Parko & Mikey Wright, both could do damage & I feel like we are a bit spoilt with the bottom tier for J Bay! 

The video attached is of J Bay last year & lets hope we get served something similar to the conditions that were had last year, start to finish. Happy picking.