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William Painter Sunglasses in Australia

William Painter Sunglasses are available in Australia! That is right, we have all styles available for the price of $259 for most styles & $289 for gold styles. The best sunglasses on earth are available to you in oz without any hassle. If your not familiar with them then how about we give you a little run down on why they are so good! Based around timeless styles, your going to have no problem finding…

William Painter The Level Review

If you have followed any of my previous posts regarding William Painter Sunglasses, you would know that the first pair I wore & loved were The Hook model. The Level is my next favourite pair, they are a casual style but with the same quality you expect from William Painter with the Aero Grade Titanium lenses, find out more on our William Painter The Level Review. The one thing The Level does not have that…

Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser Review

Find out about The new & improved Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser for 2020 in our Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser Review. We have a lot of experience at Tradewind Surf with softboards & there is a few rules when buying them & selling them. Over the years we have tried a lot of different brands. To give an indication, the Gnaraloo Beach Cruiser has been part of our range for almost ten years. It has evolved into what…