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Slide Skateboards review

The Slide Skateboard is a product that I am so glad we came across at Tradewind Surf. I had worked with creator Terry Fitzgerald for a few years before he told me about these boards. First go I ever had I was hooked. It is literally the closest you can get to surfing on land & also has it’s own charm to go with it. The specially designed surf truck is perfect for carving up…

Surfboard market Covid19 update Christmas 2020

What a year it has been in 2020. I hope everyone has managed to stay safe & get some value out of an otherwise ordinary year for a lot of people. When Covid19 first reared it’s ugly head & the realisation kicked in, that it was going to affect everyone here in Australia also, it was definitely a concern as to what might happen to our business & businesses all over. Thankfully for us people…

Torq Surfboards review

Torq Surfboards Review –  A Torq Surfboards review is something that I have wanted to do for a while now! For a few reasons. The boards are great, but there is a diverse range of riders that the Torq range covers. Many moons ago Terry Fitzgerald who was part of starting Torq Surfboards & had the Australian license. He called me looking for a QLD agent to help him push the product up here.  …