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Best place to surf Sunshine Coast

The Best place to surf Sunshine Coast ? With our mobile hire program at Tradewind Surf, we are often asked where the best place to surf is. So below is a to the point, basic, informative guide for beginners & intermediates on where to surf on the Sunshine Coast, whether you got your hire board off us or not! Best place to surf Sunshine Coast –  There is three main things to take into account…

Best Sunglasses 2024

Best Sunglasses 2024. Here at Tradewind Surf we have prided ourselves on our Sunglasses collection in recent years. See what we think are the best sunglasses in 2024 & what we have available. Best Sunglasses 2024 –  Our sunglasses journey started back in 2010 with our first label William Painter from San Diego in the US. That is a story for another time, but they are still today our best selling label. In short, because…

Bugs Softboards review

The Bugs Softboards review. Another softboard you say ? Are they any good you say. Read on below to find out what we think of them & what others have said. Bugs Softboards review –  There was some buzz about the bugs softboards coming into 202o & there was a handful available it felt like & then stock of the whole industry stopped, due to covid & the ensuing madness that followed. Fast forward the…