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Tradewind Surf Christmas Sale!

Planning on Surfing this festive season! The advice is to get in & get your purchasing done now to give you the best chance of having that board you want this Christmas. We second that advice as supply chains have become increasingly difficult to predict over the course of this pandemic. However their is some good news! We have stocked up in certain products to give us the best chance of playing a hand in…

Surfboard Hire Gold Coast Tradewind Surf

Tradewind Surf is now hiring surfboards & Sups out to frothing beach goers all over The Gold Coast. We can even deliver & pick up the board to your holiday apartment or destination free of charge. Please contact us to discuss pricing, details of delivery & also professional advice on the board you should be using. We have a range of boards from beginner softboards, Stand up paddle boards, to skateboards, boogie boards to performance…

Best Softboards in 2021

Plenty of people loved & have gotten the info they need out our Best Softboards article & as we evolve each year, we believe that we can continue adding value with new products & insights as the years go by, we have been selling, surfing, hiring & recommending softboards for almost 15 years now & as the offering grows online & in store, the more confusion there can be with products & brands contradicting themselves.…