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Ocean Earth Hypa boardbag review

The Ocean Earth Hypa boardbag review. A new age in boardbags is here from Ocean Earth. The Hypa boardbag range is fresh off the rack in 2024. Here we are going to run through the new innovative features & how they stack up. Ocean Earth Hypa Boardbag review –  The Global Travel Series is what we have been used to for a lot of years coming from Ocean Earth. Which have been great bags, with…

WSL vs ASP who ran surfing better ?

WSL vs ASP who ran surfing better ? It seems that everybody loves to have a go at the WSL. All sorts of different things online. It’s like pro football, or as Bobby Martinez famously said “It’s like a dumb fuckin tennis tour”. Admittedly, it was still ASP at that point, but there was definitely change in the air around that time. A quick back story –  In 2013 company Zosea acquired the Association of…

Best place to surf Sunshine Coast

The Best place to surf Sunshine Coast ? With our mobile hire program at Tradewind Surf, we are often asked where the best place to surf is. So below is a to the point, basic, informative guide for beginners & intermediates on where to surf on the Sunshine Coast, whether you got your hire board off us or not! Best place to surf Sunshine Coast –  There is three main things to take into account…