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Free Gift of Raen Sunglasses anyone ?

Who wants free sunglasses ? Anyone who purchases a pair of Spy Optics this week, gets a free pair of Raen Sunglasses until stocks run out. Anything we have available in the Spy Optics range is going to be paired with a free pair of Raens. Leave which style of Raens you want in the additional comments section at Checkout.   Styles available – Raen Kovac Brindle Tortoise Raen Underwood Brindle Tortoise Raen Underwood Black…

Which Sunglasses should I buy ?

Which Sunglasses should I buy ? Or more importantly, which sunglasses should you buy ? There is no exact answer but there is plenty of contributing factors that we plan to touch on here. Which Sunglasses Should I buy –   What is the first thing you look for in your sunglasses. Is it comfort, style, affordability, durability, polarisation or UV protection. Perhaps it is a mixture of all these things. I like a bit of…

Chilli Surfboards review

The Chilli Surfboards review! In the beginning, Tradewind Surf started solely as a custom board store. Things have changed now, but we still sell plenty of custom boards & a Chilli Surfboard review is something we can almost do with our eyes shut. For almost 15 years we have sold Chilli Surfboards. So what is there to say about them. Chilli Surfboard Review –  Of all the years we have sold custom surfboards. Chilli models…