Surfboards for sale Yeppoon May 4, 2024

So your looking at Surfboards for sale Yeppoon. Perhaps you are in the market for a new surfboard. Maybe the choice locally is not exactly what you are after. Tradewind Surf is here to save the day.

Surfboards for sale Yeppoon – 

We are aware that the waves around Yeppoon are often non existent & rarely great. But that doesn’t mean it is not worth getting in the water. It is important you have the right board to suit the waves though. The first thing that comes to mind is a board with plenty of volume. If you are a longboarder looking for paddle power & performance then see below.

How do we get surfboards in Yeppoon – 

We are one of the biggest online surf stores in the country so we have everything you need to get in the water from Agnes Water to Mackay. All delivered free of charge.

Which board should I ride in Yeppoon – 

If you are a beginner to intermediate, then consider a softboard or a funboard/longboard. The good news the waves around this area are suited for beginners. If you are a more serious surfer, then a shortboard with extra volume is a good choice. These boards are in abundance all round Australia, so there is no problem with this choice.


Summary – 

If you are a surfer in the Yeppoon area or surrounding then we want to hear from you! Or anywhere in Australia really. We are based on the Sunshine Coast. But deliver all over the country. If you would like to know more get in touch on 0488 775 483. Or you can follow our Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. We can also be contacted there & look forward to hearing from you!