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Over the years we have sold thousands of Lost Surfboards around Australia & enjoyed every minute of it. We originally first bought Lost Surfboards to Queensland back in 2008 & while sales were slow then, we pushed the brand & with that grew marketing from the brand & in turn a bit of interest turned into a lot. The business landscape is always changing as is our business.

Fantasy Surfer picks Surf Ranch Tradewind Surf

Final Day Highlights - 2018 Surf Ranch Pro

Time for the wave pool contest at The Surf Ranch! I did not see this contest last year, but il try & have a look this year, first pick of mine is Filipe Toledo for obvious reasons, best small wave guy in the world! My next pick is Italo Ferreira. Coming off a win at The ISA World Games, he is going to be pumped up & I think that everyone is going to pick Gabriel being in form & last years winner so bit of a chance taken here. 

Fantasy Surfer Teahupoo picks Tradewind Surf

Day 3 Highlights - Rounds 3 & 4 from Teahupo'o

We are on the shorter side of the half way mark now as we head into Teahupoo very soon! Which means it is time to get your picks in. With John gone for 2019 the title race is wide open, but I have a feeling that Medina is looking to swoop. Which is why in my first tier I have picked Gabriel Medina & Kelly Slater, pretty nuts that at 47 he is in the top tier of Fantasy surfer, considering when John John was born Kelly was already winning World Titles.

William Painter Sunglasses review

If You Or Someone You Love Has a Face...

Is the hype of the William Painter range lived up to ? The William Painter Hook was the first of there sunglasses that I saw & wore. Stylish, polarized & durable like no other pair that I have ever seen or felt, the titanium frames are the real deal. It is nothing to have a pair of these for years, you can feel the strength every time you pick them up, they are slightly heavier (in a good way) & dense than the other pairs on the market. Even a pair like the Lume which has thinner frames still has that durable strong feel! 

J Bay Fantasy Surfer picks Tradewind Surf

Corona J Bay 2018 - Highlights

J Bay is here & Brazil put me back down the bottom part of the Tradewind Surf Fantasy surfer table. Now that John is out I also have no idea who to pick! Anyway, here goes for J Bay, My first tier picks are Jordy Smith, for obvious hometown killed it here many a times before reasons. Then my next pick is two career Alley Oops on one wave Toledo! 

Fantasy Surfer Brazil Picks Tradewind Surf

Filipe Toledo vs. Wade Carmichael - FINAL - Oi Rio Pro 2018

I finally have something to talk about, cracking the top 20 of our comp for the first time in over a year I would think! Hard to believe we are at Brazil already, halfway into the season & overall I think that I am only sneaking into the top 100 of our comp, it is not looking good for me saving Tradewind Surf's money & winning my own board. First pick for the Brazil contest is my favourite non Aussie surfer John John Florence. The second surfer I have picked is Italo Ferreira. 

Softlite Chopstick Review

Softlite Chopsticks

The Softlite Chopstick is a board that got my ears pricked up when a few customers came to me a couple of years back asking why I did not have the Softlite range available, as we had always prided ourselves on having the best softboards in Australia. Shortly after, I took one for a spin, I was impressed, they felt solid & rode nicely. It was not long after that, we started stocking the Softlite Range. The Chopstick is the larger of the range from 7'0 through to 9'0 going up in 6 inch increments. So I have had a go of one now, but do they stand the test of time ? 

Ocean Earth Zero Wetsuits review

Tracks Wetsuit Test - Ocean & Earth One Zero Zip Wetsuit 3/2mm

I stretched out my last wetsuit for a winter longer than I should have, for someone who has a surf shop, I still use my product right until the end. When it was time to get a new suit, I decided to try the Ocean Earth Zero Short arm steamer. I have tried different wetsuits on certain demo days, there is some good ones out there on the market & some rubbish also, like most things. Given that Ocean Earth has always been such a reputable hardware brand that focuses on a good product, I was excited to give the Zero steamer a try. 

Margaret River Fantasy Surfer Tradewind Surf

Final Day Highlights - Drug Aware Margaret River Pro 2017

Already into the fourth contest of the WSL year & the second Aussie leg. Keramas was one to watch & so was Bells meaning it has been a pretty good start to the year. I had another ordinary showing at Keramas but better than Bells, I think in part because the top ten fell to pieces in the round of 32. 

Fantasy Surfer Keramas Picks Tradewind Surf

Top 10 moments from WSL Bali (Keramas//Uluwatu) 2018

I think that I came last in my Bells picks, so am sorry if you listened to anything I said regarding those picks. The Bali Pro is the next cab off the rank, this contest is pretty exciting the waves are usually rippable, so hoping for the same this year. Back where he belongs on top of the world, John John is my first pick for Keramas, obvious reasons. Italo is my next pick rounding out the top tier. In my middle tier Yago Dora & Mikey Wright are in there as is Julian Wilson & Kanoa Igarashi.