Bells Blog Finals Day

Surfing in Victoria is an experience that every surfer should take part in atleast once in there life. Big, raw swells that roll in out of deep, cold water. Whether you are surfing on the East Coast or West Coast of Victoria (Yes Vicco has both an East & a West Coast) you are probably going to need some foam in your board. 

The Waves - 

Now everywhere has runs of small swell, definitely some places more than others, so I think focusing on the consistently solid swell that lashes both Victorian Coastlines is the way to go. 

DMS Carbon Wrap Surfboard Technology Explained 2015

The Carbon Wrap Surfboard Technology is here! The much hyped concept, created & manufactured by Dan Macdonald, being driven globally by Matt Biolis & Lost Surfboards. Check out the videos attached to get more of an idea how this technology works. Anything that is Carbon Wrap we can get our hands on for you at the best price so get in touch if this buzz has gotten you! 

Lost Surfboards by Matt Biolis

It is that time again, when we offer you Lost surfboards shaped by Matt Biolis in Australia, the idea is that Matt is over for the Quikky pro shaping boards for team riders & you are able to get in on the action by ordering Mr Biolis to make you one of your favourite Lost models all at no extra charge to what a Lost model would normally cost you. 

Its really easy, head to our Lost store on TWS by clicking this link - 


Click here to find which Biolis shape you are going to get

Kyuss and Mick

I usually do a Christmas post in December to bring on the New Year & thank all of our regulars & one off customers alike for there support & wish everyone a Happy New Year. December gone was a little different. Busier than ever & working day & night to make sure all the presents made it under the tree & everyone got what they were after, I like to think we succeeded, as each year we have another wave of happy new customers & a strengthening relationship with the happy ones from the year before. 


When thinking surfboards in Queensland, you could come up with a diverse range of boards across the breaks  this state has, but generally there is a common theme. Sand bottom right handers is a phrase that comes to mind, also mushy beach breaks follows a close second when thinking about QLD. 

The Breaks & the boards - 

The World Title Rankings

Madness to think we are only a few months away from crowning another Surfing World Champion! It has seriously been a funny old year. Snapper was absolutely ordinary at best, same as most of the other contests with flashes of perfection here & there. The question has risen again though, who is going to be world champ. Apparently not Freddy Pattachia who belted out a ten in his round one heat at Trestles the other morning came in & called it quits, what a way to go out! 

FCS Triple Boardbag

Over the years we have sold countless boardbags, different brands, different shapes & sizes, all to accomadate your surfcraft, whatever it may be. There is a few things to take into account when selecting a board bag. First thing that people miss is making sure that the bag is wide enough. Most bags accomadate the width of even most hybrid shapes but every now & again people get stuck. Find out the width of the bag before purchasing. 

Surfing Life's Softboard Test: Softech, 52 Rocket

In a couple of months, maybe less depending on where you are in this beautiful country of ours, it's going to be time for getting back down to the beach & enjoying all of the perks that come with it. Here at TWS we pride ourselves on our softboard range! Having something for everyone, whether it be pricepoint your after, the best design, durability or something the whole family can enjoy. 

Shark Attacks Mick Fanning at J-Bay Open

What a mental state of affairs that unfolded in J Bay on Sunday night, Australian time. If you have been living under a rock & are not sure what happened, then please watch the video we have posted here. It is the exact moment that Mick Fanning was nudged around by what is believed to be a 4 metre plus Great White Shark! I must say the more I watch it, the more it seems like Mick has had a hand in saving himself, along with Julian & the Jetskis etc.

Terry Fitzgerald - Road Trip To Bells Beach

Have to say we are extrememly excited to be working with the inspirational Terry Fitzgerald & Hot Buttered to provide you with all of their great surfboards & products. It is always great to work with a brand that has the founder still at the helm. A Pioneer & legend of the sport, TF knows the surfing game inside out & is these days as much of a pioneer as he is an innovator. Check out Torq Surfboards on our store for a taste of that innovation, with a super durable epoxy formula that is revolutionising, beginner & hire surfboards.