Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer

TWS Fantasy Surf League

Introduced to Fantasy Surfer last year at Snapper & I was hooked! A friends league roped me in & after the first couple of heats I could not get enough. Which lead me to this seasons idea of the Tradewind Surf Fantasy League. Put some prizes out on the table for a bit of extra excitement & away we go. 

Matt Biolos to Shape your next ...LOST

Matt Biolis comes to town for you!

You might be anticipating his return or maybe you were not aware. Matt Biolos is back in oz for the Quiksilver Pro to shape your next surfboard! Why not get him to make your favourite Lost model or try something new, he is even taking Carbon Wrap orders.

For Matt to shape your board, it is going to cost no extra & at Tradewind Surf we are even offering a Famous accessories pack with each order, the only catch is you need to order by the 1st of March at the latest, choose from our massive range of Lost boards at the link below, or feel free to get in touch. 

JJF 2016

Road to the Throne: John John Florence's Journey to the Top

So amped for John John Florence winning the World Title this year. I, along with most other surfers in the world have followed John since the start & to see him get there this year was so sick! Probably the first time I have been going for a surfer other than an Australian & I am not even sure why. Check out the clip the World Surf League have put together of JJF's run in 2016, definitely worth a look. 

Ocean Earth Ezi rider review

Ocean Earth Ezi Rider Image

The Ocean Earth Ezi Rider is the best value for money on the softboard market & has been since we started selling softboards nearly ten years ago. An evolving program, the Ocean Earth Ezi Rider has always used the best in construction when it comes to performance & durability. But how do we know this ? The secret is in the customer feedback, sure all brands are going to tell you that there product is the best with all of the bells & whistles at the very best possible price. Our customers tell us how great the Ezi Rider is & we never have returns for faults etc. 

FCS II Mick Fanning Fins Review

FCS II MF - Mick Fanning Signature Fin

When you sell a lot of one fin you start to wonder whether it is the marketing behind the product or the fin itself. The Mick Fanning fin in FCS II is one that we sold plenty of with out a whole lot of effort. Have them in stock & they are going to move. So, we decided to try them. 

Being a surfer that nowadays uses a large fin, the black & white MF was the one I tried & have to say that in certain wave types I was very impressed. 

Did you see it coming ?

Owen Wright - 2015 Fiji Pro Champion

This year has been nuts if your a fan of the surfing game & if your reading this then I am guessing you are ? Who would have seen Wilko take the yellow jersey at Snapper then have another win & a final under his belt after J Bay to still be on top coming into the final half of the season! I heard an inside whisper of a top Aussie claiming that he thought Italo Ferreira would win the title this year, which could still happen, but no predictions about Wilko.

The Modom Shark Leash

Modom Sharkleash Intro- Featuring Mark Mathews

Your read the title correctly! Modom has a new shark deterrent leash coming out possibly in the next couple of months. The leash is supposed to throw out some sort of signal that turns the sharks away & is apparently especially useful in deterring Bull Sharks, a known shark for attacking humans. 

Surfboards for Victoria

Bells Blog Finals Day

Surfing in Victoria is an experience that every surfer should take part in atleast once in there life. Big, raw swells that roll in out of deep, cold water. Whether you are surfing on the East Coast or West Coast of Victoria (Yes Vicco has both an East & a West Coast) you are probably going to need some foam in your board. 

The Waves - 

Now everywhere has runs of small swell, definitely some places more than others, so I think focusing on the consistently solid swell that lashes both Victorian Coastlines is the way to go. 

Carbon Wrap Surfboards

DMS Carbon Wrap Surfboard Technology Explained 2015

The Carbon Wrap Surfboard Technology is here! The much hyped concept, created & manufactured by Dan Macdonald, being driven globally by Matt Biolis & Lost Surfboards. Check out the videos attached to get more of an idea how this technology works. Anything that is Carbon Wrap we can get our hands on for you at the best price so get in touch if this buzz has gotten you! 

Lost Surfboards made by Matt Biolis in Australia

Lost Surfboards by Matt Biolis

It is that time again, when we offer you Lost surfboards shaped by Matt Biolis in Australia, the idea is that Matt is over for the Quikky pro shaping boards for team riders & you are able to get in on the action by ordering Mr Biolis to make you one of your favourite Lost models all at no extra charge to what a Lost model would normally cost you. 

Its really easy, head to our Lost store on TWS by clicking this link - 


Click here to find which Biolis shape you are going to get