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The Best place to surf Sunshine Coast ? With our mobile hire program at Tradewind Surf, we are often asked where the best place to surf is. So below is a to the point, basic, informative guide for beginners & intermediates on where to surf on the Sunshine Coast, whether you got your hire board off us or not!

Best place to surf Sunshine Coast – 

There is three main things to take into account when having the best experience surfing. Wind direction, swell size & tide. First up we’ll start with wind direction –

If the wind direction is from the south, south east or south west. Then try the south blocking corners. Moffat Beach, Alexandra Headland or Noosa National park if you are on the north of the Sunshine Coast.

If the Wind direction is from the north, north east or north west. Then try the north blocking corners of Sunshine Beach near noosa. Yaroomba, Kawana pocket or Kings Beach in Caloundra.

If the wind is straight west, then every beach along the whole coast is going to be nice! Straight East & it is going to be messy along the whole coast. But if it is light easterly winds then most beaches should still look pretty good.


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Tide & Swell – 

The wind is obviously super important for beginners, as you are looking for the most pleasant experience possible to get you hooked on surfing. Braving the elements, rain, hail, wind or shine to surf usually comes later.

High tide is great for a lot of beaches & beginners as the waves are usually friendlier on a higher tide. It is a generalisation though as ocean conditions change all the time. But a high tide, often yields safer, more user friendly waves, especially at the point breaks & Maroochydore through to Mooloolaba also.

If the swell is bigger, then it can be best to stay close to shore or around the point breaks as they can often be much smaller. If the swell is smaller, then the whole coast is your oyster & all you really need to worry about is lining up the wind direction with the place to surf.

Summary –

So there you have it, hopefully a basic guide to get you in the water safely & having the most fun possible. After all that is what this surfing thing is all about. If you have any questions or would like to hire or buy a board. Get in touch on 0488 775 483 or follow our socials for more.