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It is that time of year again for our edition/addition for The Best Softboards in 2022. Each year we write about our experience with softboards for the year & anything new we have picked up & also the original info. So read on & enjoy. Let us know your thoughts & feedback, feel free to get in touch.




Plenty of people loved & have gotten the info they need out our Best Softboards article & as we evolve each year, we believe that we can continue adding value with new products & insights as the years go by, we have been selling, surfing, hiring & recommending softboards for almost 15 years now & as the offering grows online & in store, the more confusion there can be with products & brands contradicting themselves. Below is our Best Softboards of 2021 edition & we hope you enjoy & get the info you need to start or continue your surfing journey.

In a couple of months, maybe less depending on where you are in this beautiful country of ours, it’s going to be time for getting back down to the beach & enjoying all of the perks that come with it  So let have a look at the best softboards 2021 in Australia. Here at TWS we pride ourselves on our softboard range! Having something for everyone, whether it be price point your after, the best design, durability or something the whole family can enjoy.

Truth is, there’s a lot to choose from & it can be confusing, especially as a lot of you are first time surfboard buyers. In the paragraphs ahead il break down simply what you need to know & what is going to be a great choice for your first or next soft board.


This is an interesting question as most people, especially surfers, think that softboards are for beginners only which is only kind of true. Beginners benefit greatly, as they are safe, flotatious, provided you get the right size & heaps of fun, for first time surfers the softboard is a no brainer. But for people that can already surf there is some added benefits also.

As life goes on & the kids & family arrive, what used to be a solo mission to the local or a cruise down the coast with your friends, has now become the full on family affair. It is one of the best things in the world to show your groms the ocean & what better way than to get them a softboard to begin with. To go a step further though to surf next to them in the flags with your own softboard is a perfect way to keep your eye on your little one whilst enjoying it to the full in the safest way possible.

I had my own reservations about softboards as I had never ridden one. I got an Ocean Earth Ezi Rider for my girlfriend a few Christmases back. When it is small or we are having a beach day the Ezi Rider comes out, I must say it gets me excited, you can fully surf these things, they are so much fun & I think every surfer can benefit in some way, even if it is a way to keep you psyched when there is no surf.


So what are the best Softboards in 2021 and what one would be best for you? Like anything in the surfing industry now there is plenty to choose from brand wise with each product & same but different variations. We stock a few brands but don’t flood it, over the years we have stocked different brands & believe we are carrying the best brands between safety, quality & durability, also price to an extent. Cheaper is not always cheaper in the long run & more expensive is not always better.



A world leader in surfing products, Ocean Earth epitomise The Best Softboards in 2022. The Ezi Rider boasts the best construction in the business when it comes to durability (my girlfriends has lasted 3 years & i am taking it out often also) they have a great colour offering & the price is reasonable for the quality. The Ezi Rider is sized from 5’6 through to 9’0 which has an incremental increase of 6 inches up to this size, so something for everyone. Am posting the 7’0 as it is the size I ride frequently & is a good all round length –

View our Ocean n Earth Softboards 



A great brand with quality & variety to match, they have all sizes & skill types covered , its no wonder Softlite boards make our Best Softboards in 2020 list. The advanced surfer shred models are in there Mullet range & the more conventional beginner stuff is the straight Softlite range. Worth noting is the colour offering, as there is quite a few more colours to choose from than other brands. The Softlite is a newer addition to the Tradewind Surf family but has become popular in recent years & we have been receiving great feedback as a premium softboard label so we are more than happy to get you on a Softlite. Check out the Chopstick 8’0 an all round beginner softboard, that is safe, stands the test of time & looks the part too.

View our Softlite Range 



Gnaraloo is a great quality brand & has some great features, the best construction & even a dug out handle in the middle of each board as the kids can handle the boards a little easier, this is why it makes the best softboards in 2020 list. The second softboard brand we ever stocked as we had great feedback which continues today with a great quality product, below we have posted the Gnaraloo Softshell 7’6 Beach Cruiser for you to have a look over, such a good board for learning as you can see when you click the link –


If you have a few more dollars to spend the Gnaraloo Fatty is a great option for durability, if your looking for a board that you would like to have for 5 or more years, I have spoken to guys that own surf schools who swear by the strength of these boards, have attached the 7’4 for you to have a look at –


Some might consider it cheating that Torq is in our Best Softboards in 2022 article. As it is more of an almost unbreakable surfboard, Soft top hard bottom with one model & a full on softboard for another, the Torq boards are coming in hot this Summer & offer the top of the range in durability, they make amazing hire boards for the business owner or the person looking to spend a bit more to get the time out of them. When comparing price to durability, Torq is arguably the best value. They have some funky patterns coming out this year too which is going to be popular.

View our Torq Range  



This is honestly down to personal preference, the golden rule is don’t go too small, it ruins the whole experience. If your child is over 9 years old then 6 foot is the cut off go for that or even up to 7’0 can be good, foam is your friend. In saying that a board that is too big can be daunting for a child & ruin it that way, the process here is fairly important. Be sure to give me a call to sort that out or speak to a trusted person who knows their stuff.

When it comes to the advanced surfer picking a softboard this is a lot easier, the joy is that you are pretty much going to be able to surf any softboard as they all have plenty of volume, if your looking for ridiculously fun, flicky performance, hit something from the Mullet range & some of the Ocean Earth range & you are not going to be disappointed, so much fun to be had & different to what you are used to even if hybrids are already your thing in epoxy or PU.



The Best Softboards in 2022 is something we could go on forever about. But a basic guide is what I promised, so there it is, please get in contact if you have any questions as it is an important choice to make & not one you want to get wrong. Bring on the warm days & good times. Feel Free to check out our whole range by clicking this link or hitting the softboards tab on the top bar. If you are wanting a good price point option then check out our Random X Softboards range, we have been selling them for a couple of years & while they are not up with the other brands we have listed they are a great price point & seem to be doing the job durability wise if your on a budget.

Feel free to contact us about any of the info you have read here. Or check us out on Instagram or Facebook. Happy Surfing! 


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