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The Bugs Softboards review. Another softboard you say ? Are they any good you say. Read on below to find out what we think of them & what others have said.

Bugs Softboards review – 

There was some buzz about the bugs softboards coming into 202o & there was a handful available it felt like & then stock of the whole industry stopped, due to covid & the ensuing madness that followed. Fast forward the supply chain & the Bugs softboards were back & we got to get a full taste of how these boards went & what people were starting to say.

Bugs Softboards

Durability – 

Super important when it comes to choosing a softboard. The last thing you want is the seams peeling up & the deck delaminating after a short period of time. The bugs are built to last. With surf schools all over Australia using the Bugs models. I have said in other reviews & il say it again. If surf schools are using a softboard, it is because they are durable & stand the test of time. There is no boards, that get tested like a surf school board. Hire boards are the only thing that comes close.

Performance – 

What I have found in our experience over 15 years with softboards is that if a softboard is made right, it goes good to for the beginner intermediate market. The sizing goes from 5’6 – 10’0 which is a great size range. The Bugs are a good board to learn on for surfers of any age & can be part of the quiver for years in any surfers board collection.

Summary – 

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