Cheap Surfboards 2021 February 20, 2021

Who wants cheap surfboards & sups in 2021 ? We heard you & have been busy compiling some products for you that tick the boxes in the fun department, but also won’t break the bank! We have always had a great range of products at Tradewind Surf & continue to build on them, however, we had some requests recently for some more affordable boards, so everyone can get out there enjoying the benefits that the water has to offer which is what we are all about here at Tradewind Surf!

We can start with a couple of Stand Up Paddle boards as I know a lot of our customers are keen to sup but are not wanting to spend over a thousand dollars, so below is an inflatable sup that is under half that price –  Keep in mind an inflatable, is easy to transport & perfect for camping trips or people that have smaller vehicles, at $499 we believe this could be the best value for an inflatable in Australia.



If the inflatable is not your thing & you would rather a solid sup then still way under the $1000 mark is The Molokai Kaku Sup, you can check it out on the link below –





Perhaps your after a mid length board to catch a heap of waves without spending a heap of money –

The Drifter



You could even be looking for a quality longboard skateboard for under $200 if so then check out what we have below –

Longboard Black 38″


Maybe it is a softboard you are after with a friendlier price tag, check out The Random x range starting at $249 –


Random x 6’0 Shallow


So there you have it, a collection of price point models that are going to get you out there ripping at a fraction of the price of some other brands. Keep in mind we also still have a few Hubblites left $120 delivered to SEQ customers or $120 + shipping for the rest of Australia. As below – email, message or call to organise one –


Hubb Lite Twin Fish Soft Surfboard (Back in Stock in June)


Be sure to check out the whole range from Island Surfboards & Molokai Sups & also Random x Softboards & if there is anything else you would like, then our 10% off accessories & $25 off Surfboards over $500 is always available. Feel free to get in contact with us any time, thanks for joining us on our blog!