FCS II Mick Fanning Fins Review August 21, 2016 – Tags: , , ,

When you sell a lot of one fin you start to wonder whether it is the marketing behind the product or the fin itself. The Mick Fanning fin in FCS II is one that we sold plenty of with out a whole lot of effort. Have them in stock & they are going to move. So, we decided to try them.
Being a surfer that nowadays uses a large fin, the black & white MF was the one I tried & have to say that in certain wave types I was very impressed.
This fin excels in 3 foot Snapper or anything above as you could imagine, a super crisp feel through turns & hanging you in there when it matters. I would not say that it is bad under that size or that they do not work, however, I have become very accustomed to my Performers & beleive they are the all rounder fin. Anything 3 foot or over though that you are looking to perform in, the Mick Fanning set is the go to fin.
If your a medium fin user then stick with the medium or you could go to the large if your really looking for some hold. The feedback I have had on this fin has been basically all positive, guys going to Indo & also guys that are looking to perform there best go for this fin. If your into refined performance boards & waves with a bit of power then you would be mad not to have a Mick Fanning FCS II set in the stable.