Hinterland Surf Sunshine Coast December 15, 2022 – Tags:

Hinterland Surf Sunshine Coast. We have long been an online surf store, that ships products all around the country. For 15 years in fact. We are very proud of this & continue to serve our online customers all over Australia as best we can.

Hinterland Surf Sunshine Coast – 

Over the years, our warehouse has had more physical traffic of people looking to pick up there orders. Due to being in the area, they like to stop in & pick up an order & have a look at what else we have on offer physically. This has also grown. We offer thousands of products online. All of which are not offered physically. Over the years however, we have started to carry much more stock. Mainly of Softboards, sunglasses & smaller accessories.

The Opening – 

In 2023 we plan to dedicate a small shop size area to creating a by appointment showroom. This is going to benefit any customers on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. From Woombye, Palmwoods, Hunchy, Nambour, Mapleton, Maleny, Montville & surrounding areas. Who would like to grab something from us without having to go down to the coast. Here you are going to be able to hire surfboards, try on sunglasses, buy surfboards & accessories. You can also get the best, genuine advice on anything we deal in. You are also going to be able to browse our larger range of products on our online store, with laptops set up for you to peruse.

Summary – 

We look forward to opening a more interactive space for our local customers in 2023. Online sales are our main focus & will remain to be in 2023 & beyond. Hinterland Surf is by appointment only or when someone is manning the showroom. Please contact us first before coming if you can on 0488 775 483 or Instagram to avoid any disappointment. See you soon.