Julian Wilson 2014 November 8, 2014 – Tags: , , , ,

Julian Wilson & the year 2014 is probably something he would like to forget. Competitively anyway. There is still one contest to go & obviously the Triple Crown, so there is a chance to salvage something on the contest scene & as a fellow Sunny Coaster, i want to see the man fire up & have some luck go his way. I am pretty sure i watched him take care of Gabriel Medina in the Prime event in Brazil last night round 4 which would have been a little confident boost for him.
The reason for the Blog though is not to prophecise doom & gloom over J Dub, quite the opposite. We believe he is going to be back in the top 10 where he belongs by the time Snapper has wrapped up in around 4 months. But to instill your confidence in the Super Star from the Sunny Coast, we have attached a vid for you to have a little peak at, nothing new, but typical Julian, stylishly, smashing, bashing & jumping his way through every wave that comes his way. Enjoy ! ! !