Julian Wilson signs with mega label Nike January 6, 2011 – Tags:

Tell you what, keep my eye off the ball for a minute and look what comes out of the wood work! Julian Wilson signs lucrative deal with Nike 6.0! How exciting for the surfing community that we are attracting these sort of labels to our sport, I remember a few years back when the sporting giant tried to nab Jordy Smith and for whatever reason the deal wasn’t able to come off!
There was plenty of rumours back then as to why the lucrative sponsorship for possibly back then the world’s most promising talent had fallen through, talk of the big three [ Billabong, Rip Curl, and Quiksilver] boycotting the ASP if such a label was allowed solidly into the realms of the Industry, among others! I can’t personally confirm whether any of these were true but i along with many others smelt a rat. I knew however, that eventually whether anyone liked it or not these brands Nike 6.0 especially, would eventually get there foot in the door, and now it would seem they have walked straight through it and are sitting comfortably in the middle!
This could seriously be the gateway to the money that pro surfers have only been able to dream of as
Tennis, Golf¬† and the likes have enjoyed for so long, and if the surf labels have been boycotting this happening then its about time we welcomed in these other brands with open arms! Not sure where to go with this other than to say Congratulations to our friend Julian Wilson here at TWS, forgive me if i’m wrong but i think this could be a very exciting time ahead for Julian and surfing as a whole, perhaps we are finally properly hitting the mainstream?