Mexican 4 Star WQS event heats up June 2, 2011 – Tags:

A big week of behind the scenes stuff for TWS, with the new site just up and alot of interest being sent our way online, I have been busy lining up new features to the site for you to all enjoy, new products, deals etc, but because i want it all to be a surprise i won’t get too far into that just yet!
On the other side of the world however, TWS co-owner Leigh Sedley is making a return to the competitive stage in the 4 star WQS event in Mexico, our boy Mitch Coleborn surfed this morning and had a win, progressing past the round of 96 with ease, Sedz will be on our time tomorrow morning, so if you are looking for something to do cheer the lad on, it’s been a long time away from competition, and if he is as unsure about competition as he looks in this photo to go with the DJ lifestyle he now leads he may just need it! Enjoy! Sorry Sedz haha!