MF Softboards Review September 10, 2022

The MF Softboards review. The MF brand has had plenty of time & marketing thrown at it, but is it worth the hype. MF softboards have a full range of softboards from beginner to performance softboards.

MF Softboards review – 

The trick with the MF range is to know which board that is going to suit you. For the absolute beginners the MF Supersoft is the most forgiving board in the range, so is a great idea to start here.

MF Supersoft


If you are looking for something in the more performance range then any of the DHD Replicas are going to serve you in this area. The best thing you can do though is talk to us about your needs & which board is going to be right for you.


MF X DHD Black Diamond


Do they last – 

The reports from customers & surf schools we are getting is that the Mick Fanning Softboards are the real deal when it comes to durability. Experienced surfers pushing the performance boards to the limits have had odd reports of snapping in solid surf but as with any performance board.


Summary – 

So are MF boards worth the hype & the money. The answer is a resounding yes. Competition is a good thing. The levels that our favoured softboards brands are pushing each other to, is a great thing for the sport & definitely the customer. If you would like to know more about our range or discuss any of this. You can contact us on 0488 775 483.

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