Mitch Coleborn the real story? October 26, 2010 – Tags:

Just wanted to say a big “shame on you” to the media across Australia that tore shreds out of our own Mitch Coleborn over the past week!
For those who havent heard the story Mitch was celebrating after the wrapping up of the Oneill Cold water classic in Canada just over a week ago. The following morning he was apprehended by police and taken to the watch house.
What followed from there was a media circus fuelled by two things, bullshit and bullshit, reports came out that Mitch may be put on the sex offenders list of North America and that he exposed himself to small children at a school in the holiday town of Tofino Canada where the contest was held!
I can personally say now, that i know what went down and i know that basically everything the media came out with was rubbish, it really wasnt worth a pinch of shit! What i can’t stand is how the media rides something for a day or two has there best dig at ruining people then drops it and on to the next thing!
I beleive the media shot themselves in  the foot with this one by being so outrageous in there allegations, everyone i spoke to, even outsiders of the surf industry basically thought the claims sounded a bit rich! I did see a couple of people on facebook etc get wound up anhd have a stab at Coleborn but thats the internet for you i guess!
I’m happy to say though that the truth will come out and Mitch is already out of Canada and flairing his way around the world again, once you here the press release you will seriously wonder where the media pulled this crap from and you will seriously question anything you here again! It’s a shame that in this day and age the way we communicate is based on shock value, money and lies, makes you wonder what the point is of even opening the paper or turning on the t.v, imagine having a career that was boosted by trying to defame and destroy others!