Ocean Earth Zero Wetsuits review June 6, 2019 – Tags: ,

I stretched out my last wetsuit for a winter longer than I should have, for someone who has a surf shop, I still use my product right until the end. When it was time to get a new suit, I decided to try the Ocean Earth Zero Short arm steamer. I have tried different wetsuits on certain demo days, there is some good ones out there on the market & some rubbish also, like most things. Given that Ocean Earth has always been such a reputable hardware brand that focuses on a good product, I was excited to give the Zero steamer a try.
I am familiar with the Zero zip concept & it was a breeze to put on & instantly felt beautifully stretchy like suits that are quite a bit more expensive. Out in the water it was a similar experience, great to wear, nice & stretchy, but keeping you warm on the inside. I enjoy surfing in a wetsuit & the Zero was a breath of fresh air to use. I have been wearing it for a couple of months now & it still seems new. Customers that have bought them off us have reported great durability so I am comfortable in getting multiple seasons out of the Zero.
With so much on the market, I can comfortably recommend the Ocean Earth Zero & their whole wetsuit range, as they are consistent with the factories they use to manufacture & pride themselves on a great product at an affordable price. Get in contact if you have anymore questions!