Pyzel Surfboards Australia October 25, 2019 – Tags: ,

Pyzel Surfboards have been a proud part of our offering online over the last 6 or 8 years. Whilst they have been very popular & a lot of our customers love ordering a fresh Pyzel, we have made the decision to take them off our online offering. What we would like to say though, is we are still very much a stockist of Pyzel & would be happy to get you your next Pyzel ordered! The only difference is we are no longer showcasing them online.
We would like to be able to give our existing customers in this area the time needed when ordering a Pyzel so feel free to get in contact with us. The reason for the change is a an increase in shipping prices around the country, which we are going to continue absorbing around Australia & a slight change in our business model. We hope you understand & looki forward to hearing from you for your next Pyzel Surfboard.