Recycle Your old Surfboards April 23, 2010 – Tags:

With the amount of surfboards being made these days, its time to think where your putting these old surfboards made of fiberglass and poisonous foam when your finished with them. Normally when i break a board or have a really old stick floating around i just throw it in the trash and forget about it.
Now in the United states there is a program called who will take your old surfboards and turn them into art to sell.. The money they make on the sale of the Recycled Surfboards goes right back in to fixing them up,which gives our ding repair person work, then on to the artist who has a canvas to work with, which in turn gives them work, then the sales man who sells the Recycled Surfboard Art, which gives him work, the rest goes into there promotion, website and materials etc… I think this program should be worldwide and is something that Tradewindsurf will be looking at in the future to protect the enviroment. Just think how many surfboards get thrown away? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Every Year? Mind Boggling….and sad too.
Im not sure if anyone is doing this full time in Australia yet, so i think its a good idea to get onto yourself when your bored.. Just grab the old snapped craft out of the garage and spray it up and hang it on the wall, and without even thinking about it, your doing the earth a favour, and considering its Earth Day today why not get cracking now!! peace.