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The Red Bull Spect Eyewear review is one we have decided to come up with fairly quickly. They are a new product. But with all the buzz around them, we had to see what it was all about. Deciding to build our Sunglasses offering it was important to lead with brands that have an impact & a purpose. So we see Red Bull Spect Eyewear as fitting that bill.


The Red Bull Spect Eyewear review break down – 

The Red Bull lifestyle range is a stylish price point range that are suitable for any occasion. For a high end brand, they look the part but don’t break the bank. They are polarised & 100 % UV protection. Check out our Red Bull Lace below, as part of The Red Bull Lifestyle range.

Red Bull Lace


The Red Bull Sports Sunglasses range – 

As fun & stylish as the lifestyle range is. I believe that the juice of the Red Bull Spect Eyewear review lies here in the sport range. These are a higher price point. However, they come with the features that you would expect from an extreme sports brand such as Red Bull.

The patented wing system is the most notable of features as it serves as a support for your sunglasses to never fall off no matter what activity you might be doing. See the whole range below –



The Red Bull Snow Goggles range –  

Another part of the Red Bull Eyewear range that makes perfect sense. The Snow Goggles range has you covered. Red Bull has all price points covered, whether your a novice on the slopes or a seasoned campaigner. Check out The Red Bull Magnetron as one of the higher end Snow Goggles from the range.


Red Bull Magnetron


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