Slide Skateboards review October 2, 2020

The Slide Skateboard is a product that I am so glad we came across at Tradewind Surf. I had worked with creator Terry Fitzgerald for a few years before he told me about these boards. First go I ever had I was hooked. It is literally the closest you can get to surfing on land & also has it’s own charm to go with it.

The specially designed surf truck is perfect for carving up the bitumen & most of the slide decks have nice area on them to get a good surf feel for. Soon as I hopped on one a few years back it is all I have ridden in the way of skateboards since, they really are a pleasure to ride & the speed you can generate makes for a fast, fun ride. Check them out below – 

The quality to price ratio is great to, The Slide is on par if not better than brands that are more expensive in the same category. Having TF as a creator is a massive plus to as he has been a pioneer & innovator of the surf industry since the early days & everything that I have used or sold that comes from his creation has always been a great product & The Slide Skateboard is no exception.

We could get technical on the make of the board & inner workings of the surf truck etc. But at the end of the day, what is most important is how the thing rides, how it lasts & how much fun it is & I can personally say & so can alot of Tradewind Surf customers, that the slide skateboard is one for the land quiver. There is any size from 30 inch to 35 inch, meaning there is a length for you.

I am a fan of the 30 – 32 inch range as there is a bit more room for performance as I do enjoy whipping the board round on a ten cent piece which The Slide allows you to do so effortlessly. What more can I say, enjoy!