Spy Optics & Red Bull Eyewear now live on Tradewind Surf February 25, 2022

We are excited to announce a new partnership for Tradewind Surf with Spy Optics & also Red Bull Eyewear. Spy Optics is a brand that has been around in Surf, Moto X & Snow Boarding circles for decades now & we are excited to showcase a range of products for you to enjoy here at Tradewind Surf. We are in early stages of building Spy on our store, but see below for early progress, & if there is something from Spy you would like that you don’t see then get in touch –




The new kid on the block for sunnies this year is Red Bull Eyewear. A brand that needs no introduction, they are going full tilt into lifestyle sunglasses, moto x goggles & snow goggles. The push here is sunglasses to suit your lifestyle, no matter how hard you play with patented technology to make sure they stick to your face. We have a small range of Red Bull products already on Tradewind Surf but there is more to come & if you would like to support us & get your Red Bull Eyewear with us, we have the whole range available if you let us know which style you are after!


Red Bull Reach