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Sunglasses for sale Woombye! Ever wanted to avoid going down to the coast for certain things ? We sure have. We can’t help with to many of those. But we can help if you wanted sunglasses & didn’t want to leave the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Sunglasses for sale Woombye – 

Tradewind Surf has always been an online surf store with a warehouse & predominantly we still are. In recent years however, we have moved into sunglasses & other accessories. Often, potential customers would like to try the sunnies they had in mind on. Or they like to see what we have in stock & choose from there. We have been offering this to customers that have asked recently.

How do I try sunglasses from Tradewind Surf on – 

At this stage we are by appointment only, as the warehouse is not always manned. All you have to do is contact us with a time that suits you & we can organise from there.

Dragon Remix Matte Woodgrain / Lumalens Copper Ion

Who does this benefit – 

This benefits customers from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland who want to get sunglasses, without going down to the coast. It also benefits customers chasing a certain pair of sunglasses that we have in stock that no one else does. If you are also a William Painter fan. Then you may know that there is nowhere in the world you can try on these sunglasses. That has now changed, you can try them on with us.

Summary – 

We stock Spy Optics, Dragon, Red Bull Eyewear & more. Contact us on 0488 775 483 or on our instagram or other socials. You can also send me an email personally we look forward to hearing for you & growing this initiative with the local community.