Surfboard market Covid19 update Christmas 2020 September 11, 2020

What a year it has been in 2020. I hope everyone has managed to stay safe & get some value out of an otherwise ordinary year for a lot of people. When Covid19 first reared it’s ugly head & the realisation kicked in, that it was going to affect everyone here in Australia also, it was definitely a concern as to what might happen to our business & businesses all over. Thankfully for us people decided that 2020 was a great time to either go surfing, start surfing again or begin their surfing journey.

What has since unfolded, has meant that stock management has been tricky & stock has not always been available of some items. what I would like to do here is give an update of our most in demand items & how we are looking for availability heading into Christmas.  Il start with Softboards as they are hot property all year round these days & especially coming into Christmas –


Gnaraloo Softboards – 

After a long hiatus through mid year. The Gnaraloo Softboards are now restocked as of early September. Boards are going fast but there is more coming before Christmas.


Softlite Softboards – 

Another one with a decent hiatus through mid year but containers are starting to arrive again as of mid September, with Chopsticks first followed by Popstick & Test Tube & also The Mullet range, which still has a bit of stock available at time of post.


Ocean Earth Softboards – 

In high demand like all reputable brands, there is more containers coming but stock has been a little hard to keep. Expect more stock rolling into October, that being said, a back order is always a good idea in 2020 if you want to guarantee yourself a board under your Christmas tree.


Shortboards –  

The shortboard market is also hot property at the moment. There has been some real issues with supply & from what I can gather it is to do with higher than normal order numbers & there has been whispers of a blank shortage which I have not really seen yet. Lost Surfboards & Pyzel Surfboards are not taking orders off any accounts until late October/early November while they get up to date on all existing orders.

Chilli surfboards are experiencing higher volume times around 6 – 8 weeks on PU & longer for EPS. Almost all other surfboard labels are experiencing added time with custom orders. The one shining light for a quick turnaround custom is Stuart Surfboards. He can still get a custom out in 2 – 3 weeks sometimes quicker if needed.


Longboards – 

Modern Longboards which have been in demand this year have now returned to decent stock levels, with more coming towards Christmas. Torq Surfboards have also stayed in stock with more due next month coming into Christmas. Walden Surfboards have good stock of Tuflite in Mega Magic & a bit more scarce with Fusion at the moment, however there is more coming. Salt Gypsy has patchy stock at the moment however there is more coming towards end of September.


Sunglasses – 

The William Painter range is looking good for stock. There has been no shortages & we continue to deliver on these great sunglasses. The perfect Christmas present.


Summary – 

There has definitely been some patches of low/no stock this year & while it seems to be levelling out Christmas could possibly show up the same problem. The safest option is to be prepared & get your orders in early to avoid disappointment. get in touch with us anytime to check stock or availability & also checking in on your order.