The main event September 9, 2010 – Tags:

So it was time to hit the San Diego convention centre for the much awaited 2010 tradeshow! I’d never been to one before so i was pretty excited, and arriving here didn’t dissapoint, the place was a complete circus with brands showcasing and marketing there product and image in 72 hours of brand self absorbtion for the public to sink there hungry fangs into!
There was everything here from skateparks to day raves, right down to scientists voicing there wisdom about why there brands boardshort technology is better! I could not beleive the place, the up and coming labels with there modest booths and the giants doing there best to remain creative and a step ahead of there giant competitors!
One of the things that blew me away the most is how sought after and pushed our Aussie boys are over there, if you look closely at the 3rd pic down you will notice it’s Wade Goodall on Billabongs showcase wall, the humble fella from the Sunny Coast taking up a big percentage of Billy’s Ad space with a massive frontside punt! Yeah Wade! Julian was a massive part of the show to with pictures everywhere you look!
The Big building in the first pic is where the show went down and most likely will again next year! Down the bottom is yours truly, skinful of beer after a big day sussing out the proceedings and enjoying the free kegs on offer from booth to booth as well as a couple of patient Reef Girls, who infact were all lovely girls as we came to realize over the course of the week!  So all in all the tradeshow so far has been a huge success and a great experience and i haven’t even been to the surfboard show yet, which is why i’m here! Well, sort of!