Torq Mod Fun review January 30, 2022


The Torq Mod Fun review is somewhat overdue from Tradewind Surf. This was the first Torq board I ever laid my hands on & rode. While I am a shortboard rider usually. The Torq Mod Fun TET was a fun ride & perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers.


Torq Mod Fun TET –

When doing a Torq Mod Fun review, there is a couple of things that set the Torq Mod Fun TET apart. One is the construction. The strongest technology on the market meaning that your board is going to stand the test of time. There is a reason why hire shops all over the surfing world have Torq Mod Fun TET on their racks. Two is that even though it is a fun board, it surfs great & is not to cumbersome & ridiculous to carry.

Torq Mod Fun Epoxy


Torq Mod Fun TET CS – 

If a Mod Fun TET sounded right for you, but you were maybe hoping for something a little more fancy & slick looking, then The Torq Mod Fun TET CS is your board. The exact same board as a regular TET, but with a gloss finish & carbon strip, which is what CS stands for, tricky! Taking nothing away from a regular Mod Fun though, both great boards & slightly different cosmetically, link for CS model below.

Torq Mod Fun TET CS


Summary –

That is only two of The Torq Mod Fun models, there is also a V+ which we can touch on another day, a general rule of thumb with a surfboard label is if they continue to make variations of one model then they are most times onto something, that is what I would take away from this, if your interested in further construction Torq of The Mod Fun, see what I did there, then check the link below to see a more in depth explanation –



So there you have it, The Torq Mod Fun explained, if you have further questions, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at 0488 775 483 or at we hope this article has been helpful & also hope to hear from you soon!