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Torq Surfboards Review – 

A Torq Surfboards review is something that I have wanted to do for a while now! For a few reasons. The boards are great, but there is a diverse range of riders that the Torq range covers. Many moons ago Terry Fitzgerald who was part of starting Torq Surfboards & had the Australian license. He called me looking for a QLD agent to help him push the product up here.


The Torq Beginner TET Range – 

That started my relationship with Torq surfboards. As time has gone on I have grown to love the brand & the whole range. The first thing to say is that the TET range is by far the strongest surfboard on the market. Hire fleets around the world have caught onto this & are getting great bang for there buck. They also ride nicely, so they are perfect for the beginner – intermediate surfer. there is plenty of models to choose from when looking for the perfect board. 

The price on these boards is some of the best value in surfboards I have seen, especially the TET range for the beginners. When speaking to TF about it, he told me that the mould for each board is worth $27,000 which explains the quality & durability. As a summary for the beginner range, there really is nothing comparable on the market, if you need something a little softer & safer they also have one of the most durable softboards around.

The performance boards with Torq came a bit later than the beginner range. It has definitely impressed however. A few years back a collaboration between Torq & Channel Islands to build The Pod Mod was a great success. With good reason to, it was a really fun board & has progressed & continues to be.


The Torq TEC Performance Range – 

The TEC range does not have quite the durability of TET but is definitely still strong & is more of a performance technology. Meaning it is great for the advanced surfers, The Go Kart is worth checking out among others & I would even suggest checking out The Torq website for even more info on certain models. 

Overall Torq is a brand we are happy to sell. I have spent years with them. They are the strongest board I have ever seen & the performance models are up there with anything on the market. Give me a call on 0488 775 483 if you want to Torq further about any of these surfboards! See what I did there… Thanks for stopping by.