Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer Picks Keramas May 24, 2018 – Tags: , , , ,

This one is exciting! Back to Keramas for the WSL event. Its hard because apart from the Mad Hueys contest there is not much to go on other than highlights from four years ago, which is actually worth a look on the video we have posted. For my picks, I have gone & given it a shake with the most exciting surfers I can find, the first one being Julian Wilson, it’s looking like John is going to maybe have a bit of a World Title Gap year so to speak & I would love to see Julian bring a world title home to the Sunny Coast. My second pick in the top tier is Filipe Toledo, I think he could go nuts out there & am assuming the he is going to.
My middle tier is Griffin Colapinto for that flair & Kolohe Andino for a similar reason, John John is my third pick as if he decides to roar then lookout, its worth taking a chance on it I think. Conner Coffin rounds out my bottom tier, he rips in sick right handers & pretty much anything for that matter. In my last tier Parko gets the nod as does Connor Oleary who is due for a big result to kick start his 2018 campaign. A dark horse that I didnt put in which might be worth a look is Rookie & Current world number 5 Wade Carmichael. I am looking forward to kicking back & watching this one, going to be interesting seeing how it all unfolds, good luck with your Tradewind Surf Fantasy team, thanks for playing.