Tradewind Surf Fantasy Surfer Picks Rio May 10, 2018 – Tags: , ,

After a big anticlimax in Margarets, but everyones limbs in tact, it’s time to put picks in for the Oi Rio Pro. Let’s hope we get a winner in this contest. First up I have gone with Filipe Toledo & Griffin Colapinto, these two could easily win & I feel like the choices up in the top tier across the Fantasy population are going to be split fairly evenly, so have gone with a slightly different pick to maybe what I normally would.
In the middle tier, I have started with everyone’s favourite John John Florence, it’s about time he fired up. Adriano Desouza was a finalist last year & is an easy pick for me, he rises in Brazil for obvious reasons. My third pick in the middle tier is Mikey Wright, he can be a bit hot & cold but he is unstoppable when he gets on a roll. Then Conner Coffin is my next pick, he flat out rips & is due for a big result.
My bottom tier picks are Yago Dora, he was a semi finalist last year & could easily get going in front of a home crowd. Then last pick is Sebastien Zietz, hopefully he can get his 2018 campaign going as we need to see him on tour for years to come! Good luck in this contest to everyone & thanks for playing Tradewind Surf Fantasy League.