Which Surfboard should I ride after learning on a Softboard June 21, 2022

So you have learnt the basics on your softboard & you have had a heap of fun with it. But it is time to progress. The question is, which surfboard should I ride after a softboard.


Which surfboard should I progress on –  

There is probably no exact answer for this, but there is plenty of wrong ones. If you are on a 7’6 softboard & are ready to progress then I would come down around 6 inches. A 7’0 mid length/ funboard type is a great way to go. From a Softboard down to say a Torq 7’2 Mod Fun would be a safe & fun progression.


Torq Mod Fun Epoxy



How do I know it is time to progress my surfing –  

There is a few big hints that it is time to progress your surfing. One of those is if your are most times, comfortably surfing along a green wave & imagining doing more. But your board is too big & cumbersome to get your mind surfing done.

This means that you have put the work in that it takes too surf & mastered the basics. You have been doing it long enough to get the feeling of surfing & are confident enough to want & imagine doing more on a wave. Check us out on Facebook instagram or Tik Tok if you want to see more from us.




Which Surfboard should I Ride after a Softboard summary –  

There is a lot of different ways you can go here. The key is coming down enough so that your progression is noticeable. But also keeping enough volume so your progress is not hindered. Another way you could go is the Mid Length route. The Chilli Mid Length would be a great progression surfboard. It has plenty of volume & ticks the boxes. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss further!