William Painter Sunglasses in Australia February 6, 2020

William Painter Sunglasses are available in Australia! That is right, we have all styles available for the price of $259 for most styles & $289 for gold styles. The best sunglasses on earth are available to you in oz without any hassle. If your not familiar with them then how about we give you a little run down on why they are so good!

Based around timeless styles, your going to have no problem finding something to suit in The William Painter range. The frames are made out of aero grade titanium, meaning they are made out of the same metal that they make fighter jets with. This means that they are sleek, stylish & above all else very durable. Strength is a big thing when we think of William Painter Sunglasses.

Already interested ? We thought so, but there is more, the first model they ever started with was The Hook. This model has a bottle opener on it & due to the aero grade titanium make, this bottle opener works a treat for any amount of bottles you want to pop! Check the William Painter Sunglasses Australia out below –

The William Painter Hook – 

William Painter Hook Bottle Opener Sunglasses

These sunnies have to be seen to be believed. They are strong, stylish & they have the best bottle opener any accessory has ever had, due to them being made of metal. It is not intrusive though, so it does not look out of place on the shades. They come in different colours too, blue lens, red lens, gold, champagne gold & the black you see in the link above.

There is other models of note in the William Painter range –

The William Painter Level – 

William Painter Level Blue lens


The Level we stock is a great model which comes in other colours also at $259 in red lens, black lens, gold frame & the blue lens that you see in the link above. The Empire is another of the classics which raised 1.5 million on Kickstarter if you are familiar with the platform, see them below –

The William Painter Empire –  

William Painter Empire

Another set we have with different colours. The black frame black lens, black frame blue lens & the gold frame blue lens which are pictured & linked to above. Other models worth noting are The William Painter Oasis & The William Painter Hughes. The hype is real & the sunnies are better.

We stopped selling all other Sunglasses labels once William Painter came across our desk. It was to hard to endorse something else once we started using the best, now you can have the best here in Australia too. With a lifetime warranty & 100 day trial free no obligation period. There is no reason not to get your self one or more of The William Painter models! Enjoy.