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The William Painter Hook Review, hmmm, the first thing that I will say about The William Painter Hook, is that my life is definitely better for having found them! It is the first pair of the William Painter range that I ever wore & that is now going back a while maybe 6 or 8 years. I have been following William Painter from the start, through meeting co founder Patrick Eckstein via mutual friends.

Back then, they were a one style band & The Hook was it, even back then the sunglasses were impressive. Made of Aero Grade Titanium, these guys knew what they were setting out to do, make the strongest, most stylish sunglasses on the planet, years on, I reckon they nailed exactly that. Now, getting down to business with the review, I can comfortably say that these are the most durable pair of sunnies I have ever worn, you can feel the quality when they sit on your face, with a weight that oozes quality, which is unattainable through other brands.

Fast forward some years & we now have them available on our store, check them out below. I actually stopped ordering off other brands as it was not fair to have the quality of William Painter on one hand & something which was never going to stack up next to it.

William Painter Hook Blue Lens


The bottle opener is super functional, you can literally pop bottles all night & slip your sunnies on when the sun comes up & do it all again, they are the only sunglasses I can think of that have a use all day & night. Style, functionality & value, what more could you want ?

There is not much else that I can say other than, The William Painter Hook is the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned & they are also backed by a lifetime guarantee &  a 100 day money back guarantee! There you have it, hope you found The William Painter Hook Review useful! Enjoy poppin bottles.